The Artistic Recovery

The Artistic Recovery supports substance abuse treatment by means of an online store that hosts exclusive artwork, music, and apparel created by those in the recovery process. Proceeds support affordable substance abuse treatment. The site also provides a free video interview series, all created to spread knowledge and inspire hope.

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The Artistic Recovery


The Artistic Recovery Music is an independent production team consisting of musicians, engineers, producers, and writers. These individuals share a common goal of creating a new wave of music that is either hopeful or a positive release. There are no limitations to genre or style as long as the ideas and concepts stay true to recovery.

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Take 5 Videos
Connections of Recovery

Connections of Recovery

Take 5 is a collection of videos produced to educate and facilitate conversations about the connection of clinical, medical, faith, family and community roles in effective substance abuse recovery. Five minutes or less.

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Recovery Art Apparel

See how the shirts are made and how they support substance abuse treatment.