June 24, 2019
June 24, 2019



Original Oil monotype on paper.

10×11 paper on 16×20 mat

In much of his work artist and educator Brian Dortmund explores the complex interactions and shifting relationships between people, history and place. Dortmund offers a fresh view of a place’s vibrant narrative and its interaction with its people. Much of Dortmund’s work ground conceptual practice with materials collected from life to inform his praxis, then a medium is selected to best suit the concept.

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Artist Statement:

As a child, I dreamed of being an explorer, a boy possessed by a sense of wonder and a desire to travel the uncharted territories. I remember telling my parents of my aspirations, and them informing me flatly that we now live in the age where everything important has been discovered.  Daunted by their words, and determined to explore and create I turned my explorations inward, I dove into the process of making drawings, paintings, and objects in an attempt to bring forth views of an undiscovered country from within  that is tied to the outside world. The creative world I inhabit in the studio is one where my exploratory process involves planning and research to construct a narrative map of symbology. This account is then carefully distilled as the work progresses and is infused with my personal obsessions. With these actions, I attempt to force the work into something that has long fascinated me, the human trajectory of accidents, and chance occurrences. In this process of mixing fact, fiction, image, and abstraction, I find myself akin to a traveler upon this new topography in pursuit of the connective narrative.  In my work I attempt a collision of mediums, folding smooth passages into textural, and coaxing the medium out from wells of darkness to emerge upon the surface with glowing color. The medium that I consistently return to again, and again is painting. I find the careful interaction of brush, medium, and surface hypnotic, I work to utilize the medium to create soft flows, meandering drips and sharp linear brush strokes in my pursuit of the proper narrative.

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