Take 5 Video Series

Take 5 is a collection of videos produced to educate and facilitate conversations about the connection of clinical, medical, faith, family and community roles in effective substance abuse recovery. Five minutes or less.

Family & Friends

Family Matters Group

In this episode we speak with Tim, a family member who benefits from Frontline’s Family Matters group sessions. Tim discusses his relationship to a...

Family & Friends

You Are Not Alone

In this series, Elise Sweeney speaks on topics such as support groups, hobbies, and friends, and how each help drive the road to recovery....


Mayor Milo of Laporte

Mayor Milo of La Porte, IN discusses addiction and recovery, with a focus on the social and health care components in the community.


Rachel Perrigo – Faith

Rachel Perrigo, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, speaks on the topic of faith and the role it plays during the recovery process. Perrigo also discusses...


Family – Judy Reales

Community volunteer Judy Reales delivers a heartfelt message concerning the deep impact substance abuse and addiction can have on the family.

In Recovery

Joell & Jesse – Recovery

Infinity of Memory was released on ALBUM1 through The Artistic Recovery. We sat down with co-creators Joell and Jesse to discuss the song meaning...


Mark Chamberlain – Community

We met with Mark Chamberlain, CEO, Lakeside Wealth Management. Mr. Chamberlain discussed the effects of substance abuse in the community and how a proactive...

Clinical Matters

Rachel Cloud – Clinical Matters

Family & Friends

Sandy Armstrong – Family & Friends